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Avicularia - Born To Be Vile

Avicularia - Born To Be Vile

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Ramon : Aviculara borrows its name from a family of a tarantula. Not of a band with that name, the animal. The best known species within its kind is the Pinktoe Tarantula, which is often (to big disgrace) kept as pet. Very cool too, hehehe, free interpretated from Wikipedia: "when threatened the spider will jump or run away, but it can launch a well aimed round of excrement, with a range up to close to one meter”. And apparently Aviculara likes to associate with that. When taken literally, it means bird eating (which would explain the seagull sounds at the end of 'Anthems To Arms' to some extend). What is funny too, is the fact that they send in nothing but a CD and put in a note in which they say that if I would like to have further information, I can take contact with them. The irony of it all, is that they don't mention where I can get the information, would I want it. So that would be my first question. But where should I as kit? Luckily, we at Lords of Metal aren't born yesterday, so some research brings us the information that they hail from the wonderful country of Croatia and that they have a MySpace where we could find information, if thus inclined. At the moment I am writing this, hold on, it contains a header and the logo of the band. Nothing more. Shall I say something more about spiders, or just head on to the part where I talk about the music?

Aviculara keeps the peddle down, but keeps attention to the audibility, which delivers some nice melodies every now and then. This may sound like it is melodic grind, but it's not anything like that at all. It seems as if they are still searching a definite shape and therefore they play a lot of different styles, all of which are death metal by the way, instead of choosing one definite form. Add to that the fact that the production does not deserve recommendation, and you know that my listening session was obligatory for me. Is it nothing but suffering, Ramon? Of course it is not. There are some nice ideas to it, but it never comes to really exciting passages. Alas, I would have favoured them a more positive judgment, so maybe there is some label dude who thinks their songs open perspective enough to lift them and their songs to a higher level. At this point, I recommend our readers to let it ripen a little while, so that the next release they can be judged without the prejudice of this effort behind them.

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