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Azaghal - Teraphim

Azaghal - Teraphim

Label : Moribund Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Neithan : In the meanwhile we have gotten to full length album number eight by Finnish Azaghal, and still the band hasn't made a breakthrough to a next and bigger level. Regarding the paste of releasing albums, I don't believe it is fair to expect drastic changes of the musical course, it is just a bit more controlled. And where should these guys find the time, since they play in tons of other bands, of which names like Wyrd, Rutonkantaja, Svartkraft are the most appealing ones.

So the band still plays a fast kind of that typical Finnish extreme fast black metal mixed with elements of mighty Emperor, even if these Norwegian royalties are still way beyond regarding the ingenuity of their compositions. Like can be read on our reviews, there is only little progress concerning musical developments to be mentioned about Azaghal, it is more of mastering their style a bit better album by album. Still the songs are quite fast, with epic songs like 'Filosof' (reminding me of Ajattara), 'Hänen Musta Liekkinsä' or the end of 'Pimeyden Kutsu', regarding the construction of the song my personal favorite.

It is en enjoyable album, yet not much more. Sometimes I think like it would be an idea perhaps to focus on a bit smaller number of bands involved, because on all the albums these guys play on, apart from Svartkraft, I always think "try to do more with fewer bands”, maybe then the jump to a next and higher level is possible. Now, it feels like common production work, even if it is done by professionals…

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