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Axegressor - Command

Axegressor - Command

Label : Dethrone Music | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : Of course we already knew that Finns are highly able and talented musicians when it comes to metal, but I don't think I can name many thrash bands from the land of a thousand lakes. Fortunately Axegressor has changed that, because these gentlemen deliver a tasty portion of old-school thrash on their debut album 'Command'.

As soon as the album takes off with the opening track and its threatening King/Hanneman riffs, you may think that they use the Bay Area as the main source of inspiration. Well, that's not entirely true, as it seems later on. The album is filled with catchy, sharp guitar riffs and ditto sound in the vein of our German friends Destruction. The Bay Area influences, as well as similarities with the British Onslaught are also present, but the main ingredient tastes quite German. Add a wrought up singer a la Sataniac (Desaster) to the whole and voila. Although the music sounds old school in general, Johnny Nuclear Winter's vocals see to a more modern sound.

But whether it is old school or not, the whole sounds convincing, catchy and more than that, entertaining. If the band will have the power and ability to get noticed in between the current flood of thrash releases is something only time will tell. They do however have the potential.

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