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Autumnblaze - Perdition Diaries

Autumnblaze - Perdition Diaries

Label : Prophecy Productions | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : I did not dare to hope for this anymore: the resurrection of Autumnblaze, a band that, filled with bitterness, called it quits late 2005. On top of this, it is a reunion of the original line-up with Alvar Eldron and Arisjel as core, assisted by Schwadorf (producer and famous of Empyrium, The Vision Bleak and Noekk). It signifies that the music on 'Perdition Diaries' also goes back to the early period. No acoustic or alternative rock anymore, but rough death/doom in the vein of bands like Paradise Lost, Anathema, Katatonia and Dark Tranquillity in the nineties.

Wasn't Autumnblaze founded with the intention of combining black metal with the melancholy and melodies of Katatonia once? Well, you can properly hear that in the new songs. This leans more towards 'DämmerElbenTragödie' (Autumnblaze's debut), than to later works as 'Mute Boy, Sad Girl' or 'Words Are Not What They Seem'. I am glad for it, because, even if there were quite some nice moments on those later albums, this has much more power, pithiness and diversity.

In opening track 'Wir Sind Was Wir Sind' one can hear groovy guitars - the guitar-sound reminds us of Paradise Lost and Katatonia indeed - and raucous vocals that go extremely deep. Desperate screams cleave through your soul. Eldron has a very beautiful common voice too, we can hear that in 'Who Are You?', an intense manifest focused on desperation. The fragile timbre evokes reminiscence with Vinny of Anathema (I wrote this before about Autumnblaze, I know), but there is an outburst with grunts as well. A tormented individual in genuine expression! Autumnblaze grubs in its black metal roots during the two next tracks: fiery and low-tuned minor guitar chords reign. Even in 'Brudermord' - one may call it smooth gothic metal in an archaic way - a lot of frustration has to be ventilated again, but do mark the solemn organ parts in the centrepiece. This album also includes two compositions of a different kind. 'Empty House' really gives me goose-bumps! I do not call this a ballad or a slow one; this is a primordial scream for attention, an utterance of deepest emotions. Quiet piano and vocals lead towards a nearly bombastic eruption with howling guitars, to return to the essence later on. As if Nick Cave and Tindersticks play poker in the heart of Eldron. The fluent guitars of 'Neugeburt' almost sound light after this, but that is only seemingly. The second captivating gem in slow motion is called 'Ways'. Lofty and dramatically sung verdict on piano it is. 'Perdition Diaries' - a personal manifest about a traumatic era - rounds off with two faster tracks in which sturdy guitars and grunts illustrate the heavier side of the reborn Autumnblaze. For 'The Forge' a video clip has been made. Finally I like to mention that the songs are shorter than in the past and as you will notice, German language is used in some of them. By turning back to the atmosphere of the nineties, Autumnblaze has made a masterpiece. Times when gothic metal was not associated with (female) opera chants come to life again on this magnificent album.

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