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Warmen - Japanese Hospitality

Warmen - Japanese Hospitality

Label : Spinefarm | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Winston : It can be done. In two other reviews (Alex Falcone and Lasse Dale) in this issue I mention the fact that musicians of different bands are able to connect and work together real easy these days but that the actual quality varies very much. With fifth album already since the start in 2000 Children Of Bodom's Janne Warman presents a new Warmen album titled 'Japanese Hospitality'.

And the harvest of 2009 has a nice new addition with this varied and entertaining piece of work. What to think of a heavy rendition of 'Black Cat' (Janet Jackson) but also Journey's 'Seperate Ways' can be found here, sung by ex-Thunderstone singer Pasi Wasanen who still has that raw and raspy voice, very different from Steve Perry's high and smooth voice. Warman also brings in Stratovarius singer Timo Kotipelto, band mate Alexi Laiho and former Tunnelvision singer Marko Waara (all for one song) and it is female singer Jonna Kosonen who has the honor doing three songs. The music varies from the dazzling Stratovarius side to the familiar, heavy but melodic style of Children Of Bodom and the use of all those different voices works very well as the album stays a well worth listen.

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