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Wintryfrost - Wintryfrost

Wintryfrost - Wintryfrost

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Demo

Michiel B. : Giorgio Orani used to be the lead guitarist and composer of the Italian gothic metal band So Cold, of which neither me nor our huge archives had ever heard before. Whether the band split up or Giorgio quit himself of that he got sacked is still unknown but the situation now is that he started out his solo project called Wintryfrost which according Giorgio himself is the result of fifteen years of experience in songwriting. For this project he is really ambitious:

"The main aim is to keep a high-quality level of songwriting, in order to create a catchy and kicking sound that could attract the fans of gothic metal, from the old fashion fans to the newest ones, and hopefully the fanatics of atmospheric and ambient soundtracks.”

After, or actually already whilst, listening this five-track (an intro and four songs) instrumental demo I seriously doubt if all of this can be possible without some decent vocals. A tiny winy piano part is not even half as strong as a powerful voice and that is a real shame since Giorgio actually does know how to write a piece of music. The music reminds me most of the more recent Tiamat but also the names of Lacuna Coil, HIM, Theatre Of Tragedy (in their 'Aégis' era) and Stream Of Passion come to mind.

I am not entirely convinced whether or not this project will ever become vital without vocals so I grant it a score with which one would not pass his exam. Those who are however interested can contact Giorgio by mail at or MySpace.

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