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The Arkitecht - Hyperstructure

The Arkitecht - Hyperstructure

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jasper : I have to start this review by expressing my sincerest appreciation for mister Genaro Ochoa. If you can create a complex concept album like this, complete with professional artwork and a tight production without any record label support, respect is the least you deserve. And of course, in this time of influenza mass hysteria it is a nice bonus to also be able to receive some positive news from Mexico. So there.

'Hyperstructure' consists of two parts; the first six tracks are individual songs, and the seventh song called 'Face Thief' takes up the rest of the album. It is a song lasting over thirty minutes in which Ochoa holds nothing back, unleashing a complete choir and orchestra upon the unsuspecting listener. It underlines the ambition of this previously unknown Mexican, who set this album up without any false modesty, and grand it does sound. How grand? Like Devin Townsend in a manic fit, although the various vocalists make for a diverse sound. Sometimes the music borders Rush and Dream Theater, and other times its full-on balls out Strapping Young Lad metal. The musical main ingredient however is prog metal, but on the bombastic parts in 'Face Thief' The Arkitecht almost sounds like Therion or Hollenthon. The only flaw on the record is that it all sounds just a bit unnatural, it is clearly a project and not a real life band we are dealing with. This is feeling gets amplified by the use of a (still very reasonable sounding) drum computer.

Overall the main thing that rises up from this record is the sheer appreciation of- and respect for the musical talent of Genaro Ochoa, and his guts to unleash a quality product like 'Hyperstructure' on the world without a record deal. Now this is a virus that should hit Europe! Could we start in Holland at Progpower?

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