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Yawning Sons - Ceremony To The Sunset

Yawning Sons - Ceremony To The Sunset

Label : Lexicon Devil Records | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Jan-Simon : Sometimes things take their own course. An English band invites an American producer to produce their new cd. The producer travels to England and the result is a joint cd under a new name. This happened to The Sons of Alpha Centaury from Kent, Great Britain when their cooperation with Gary Arce worked out in such a way they recorded an album as Yawning Sons. Gary Arce is the frontman of influential, yet not so prolific stoner band Yawning Man. Having been around for more than twenty years, with only one album and one EP released in that period. Nevertheless, the influence of this band on illustrious names as Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age should not be underestimated and should you find 'Vista Point', the compilation of album and EP, somewhere there is only one thing to do: get it!

The result of the joining of forces has been dubbed 'Ceremony To The Sunset' and it is a nice sounding, not too obtrusive album in which we see once more that sometimes the sum is more than the single parts. The Sons of Alpha Centauri normally make a form of instrumental postrock and Yawning Man specializes in typical desert-stonerrock. This adds up to - strange but true - the Cocteau Twins. In the first track 'Ghostship - Deadwater' at least, where Wendy Rae Foster produces beautiful sounds serving as vocals. As etherical and mysterious as Liz Fraser used to do it in the eighties, only more comprehensible this time. British shoegazer as made by the Cocteau Twins and My Bloody Valentine is one important source of inspiration for Yawning Sons, but definitely not the only one. The other tracks meander from kraut- and desertrock to moviesoundtracks. The closing 'Japanese Garden' has a very effective oriental flavour. This is relaxed music, very suitable to enjoy on a warm summerevening. In a lazy chair with the legs up, watching a spectacular sunset. The coverphoto has been chosen exceptionally well, as far as that is concerned although I have only been able to get a small impression of the impressive artwork (as promised by the recordcompany), since the promo only had a cheap colourcopy of the first page…

Until 'Ceremony To The Sunset' I had not heard of Sons of Alpha Centauri and I have the impression this is more resembling Yawning Man. If that is a good thing - looking at the career of the "Sons” is something that has to be seen. Right now 'Ceremony To The Sunset' has made me long for more work by Gary Arce - with or without the Sons of Alpha Centauri.

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