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The Fading - In Sin We’ll Find Salvation

The Fading - In Sin We’ll Find Salvation

Label : Wacken Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Patrick : The Fading is an Israeli quintet which introduces themselves through 'In Sin We'll Find Salvation'. Hmm, what do you say? The name sounds familiar to you? That in itself is not very strange because in 2008 the band was crowned as the winners of the Metal Battle at Wacken Open Air. The band signed a contract with Wacken Records, at which the debut album now is being released.

At 'In Sin We'll Find Salvation' the five display that they have been listening to both the Swedish school as well as to the modern approach from the U.S.. You'll find influences of both, with a thick groove. Mostly high speed, tight rhythms, unpredictable breaks, alteration and thundering passages t make songs like 'One Step Drama', 'Angel Within', 'Confront Myself' and 'Destination Life' surprisingly pleasant and of a good level.
And actually that applies for the whole album: fans of metal who like a modern touch we'll like this 'In Sin We'll Find Salvation'. It may not offer any surprise or renewal but when music is this well executed I could not care for less. This 'In Sin We'll find Salvation' provides at least a pleasant introduction to this band and makes that, in addition to Orphaned Land, Amaseffer and Prey For Nothing, The Fading as the next prominent Israeli you can take down.

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