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Rev 16:8 - Grand Tidal Rave

Rev 16:8 - Grand Tidal Rave

Label : Temple Of Darkness Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Tormentor Erich : In Sweden it is a common thing to play in different bands. Rev 16:8 is no exception to this and so it probably makes a lot of sense to name the band members first, because this automatically tells a lot about the band also. This company started as a five piece format with Themgoroth from Dark Funeral behind the microphone and Ill from Bloodshed on bass. But these two gentlemen already left the band again and therefore Rev 16:8 is at this moment a trio with vocalist Talon (also known from Bloodshed and Finntroll), drummer Pata (Bloodshed and Decadence) and guitar player Nefastus (also Bloodshed and Nefastus).

Rev 16:8 desires to create dark, intense and powerful black metal and in this they succeeded very well. The ten songs plus intro (more then fifty minutes of music) are divided into really fast tracks like 'Flame Salvation' and 'Solo's Crow's Carrier' and here the strong drums are something special. During 'Begger's Haven' and 'Locust Fields Forever' the band gives more attention to heavier and mid tempo parts and because of this the albums gets more divers, and via the six minutes clocking title track they even show that slow can also be very threatening.

In the Necromorbus Studio they gave 'Grand Tidal Rave' a very clean sound. The technical skills from the band members are just fine and the songs are well written also, so there is nothing to complain about 'Grand Tidal Rave'. Those of you who can appreciate some well taken care of black metal can check this out.

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