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Behemoth - Evangelion

Behemoth - Evangelion

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : At the shadowy edge of black and death metal, Polish Behemoth wanders for nearly twenty years, but always with growing success. Just like blood brothers/fellow countrymen Vader, they will release their first album with new salt Nuclear Blast this Summer. A significant feat, for it will surely contribute to a better propagation of the Behemoth-gospel. Now we are close to the title of the new record. Since I did not explain it in the interview, I add it right here. 'Evangelion' comes from an old Greek word that means "spreading the good news” and Christians used it later as "spreading the word of God”. Behemoth uses this word in its etymological, pure context, without Christian connections. (if you would have any doubts about that).

After the release of the previous album 'The Apostasy' in the Summer of 2007, Behemoth's success assumed large proportions. This was only achieved by working hard and - of course - proper talent. 'The Apostasy' was an album that blew me away. It made a deep impression on me by its contrasts between rigorous brutality and remarkable refinement. 'Evangelion' hits me equally hard, but in another way. This time the core word is not refinement, but epic grandeur. The brilliant production makes the multilayered music rolling out of your speakers in a perfect and imposing manner.

After the apocalyptic intro, 'Daimonos' bursts out in full ardour. Fast patterns are soon sublimated by slacken down pace passages with melodious guitar leads. One can still notice a bit of an eastern tinge in some parts, an impression which is invigorated by the use of a sitar at the end of 'Shemhamforash'. 'Ov Fire And The Void' is the single and a videoclip is shot for it. Thus it appears to be a rather accessible track with parts that instantly haunt you. Fetching! In most of the songs, the band shifts between powerful accelerations, a wall of guitars and fluttering compelling excerpts and they do it with a typical Behemoth flair. In a song like 'Alas The Lord Is Upon Me' you can imagine seeing Inferno pommeling his drums at full force, supported by Orion's bass lines, while Nergal and Seth meander through it with their gracious guitar leads. But the magnum opus of 'Evangelion' is the massive, epic eight minutes long 'Lucifer', at the very end of the record as a grandiose apotheosis. The Polish lyrics are from an occultist/poet of Polish literature and at least it is nothing but captivating. A new masterpiece of our Polish friends is born! Spread the word!

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