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Shadowkeep - A Chaos Theory

Shadowkeep - A Chaos Theory

Label : Limb Music | Archive under

Release type: Full-length CD

Ferdi : A couple of years ago the British band Shadowkeep unleashed their first 6-song EP upon the world, shortly after that followed by a contribution to a Queensrÿche-tribute and a debut-CD. England's New Hope (fortunately we now also have PowerQuest and DragonForce to fortify the British metal scene) is now releasing their second full-length. Surprisingly, the progression made on this record is actually quite small. Most of the songs on this shiny disc also could've been on the first album. But then again, the first album was pretty good in itself, so the same thing more or less goes for this CD. The main inspiration for this band still seems to be Queensrÿche, for the Operation Mindcrime-influences are scattered throughout this CD. The lack of innovation is for a progressive Heavy Metal band certainly strange, but I won't be a dick by making a big deal of it. The CD 'A Chaos In Theory' sounds alright, and that's more than can be said of a whole lot of other CDs I could mention.

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