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November-7 - Angel

November-7 - Angel

Label : | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Evil Dr. Smith : What do we have here? A mini album from 2007? With a title track that starts like a genuine Massive Attack song? What's next? A review from Madonna's debut album in the next Lords of Metal? Oh well, the European distribution of this little album must be part of a big marketing campaign to make this Swiss formation known outside the Alps, and/or warm the people a bit up for their forthcoming debut album later this year. Although the first part of 'Angel' sounds identical to Massive Attack during their 'Mezzanine' period (oddly enough it isn't a cover from the opening track of that album, which is also titled 'Angel'), during the choruses the band adds a lot of (female fronted) metal in it to make it sound more like Lacuna Coil when this band at least tried to play some kind of metal. No matter how catchy their amalgam of dark and gloomy trip hop with slick gothic metal may sound like, I refuse to applaud to shameless epigonism in the third degree.

The band is build around the vocals of Annamaria Cozza - who sounds a bit like a mature version of that chick from Evanescence - while one St├ęphane Geiser played and composed just about everything (besides playing drums and bass). The other three songs tend to be a little heavier, and contain less trip hop yet more industrial/electronic like an all female Rammstein tribute band wearing dark wave chain mails. The whole bunch is good arranged, the production is top-notch and there's actually nothing wrong with it. Hordes of gothic babe-metal fanatics will definitely embrace this band, but besides the nice video clip and the pretty face of Annamaria it does absolutely nothing to me. That means reason enough to assume this band has lots of commercial potential.

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