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Necrophobic - Death To All

Necrophobic - Death To All

Label : Regain Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Tormentor Erich : On their last album 'Hrimthursum' the gentlemen from Necrophobic worked together with the ice gods. I don't know what exactly happened during this co-operation, but it is quite obvious that our Swedish friends have ended this project with a very, very dark feeling. Via this new one 'Death To All' they wish hell to everybody and everything and all that was white the last time (the colour of the ice gods) is this time pitch black.

When I hear 'Death To All' I can only conclude that the guys needed to let go of some aggression. These eight new songs (forty-five minutes of playing time) are packed with tight and firm sounding music. Tracks such as 'Revelation 666' and 'For Those Who Stayed Satanic' taste like a cold beer in a group of thirsty football fans and live these two will make the audience go crazy. Also songs like the pounding mid tempo 'Wings Of Death' and the in three pieces divided (and a bit epic sounding) title track can be described as new favourites for the upcoming set list. Besides all of this I can also tell you that the production is crystal clear and still very powerful, and so it is not that difficult to mention that I am very satisfied about this new Necrophobic album.

Although I am very excited about 'Death To All' I still have to make a little liner note here. Necrophobic do what they do very well, but it is not a bit surprising or new. Too often these typical riffs show up and I can imagine that some of you might say about this "again too much of the same”. But for me I have to admit that it doesn't bother me at all, for me this is simply a part of Necrophobic. So I will be glad to give 'Death To all' a spot in my collection. If you want to do the same but if you are also looking for a new Necrophobic set up it would be better to listen to the album first.

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