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Horricane - The End’s Facade

Horricane - The End’s Facade

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Ramon : This month Estonia offers you the death metal band Horricane, from their capital Talinn. It is nice to have a son at an age when you have to help him with European topography. Europe has changed somewhat since I was on school and I probably would not have known this, otherwise. I don't visit that area that much. Which is quite a shame, as I hear a lot is going on there. You can also read the interview with them elsewhere in this edition on it. You could consider them an Estonian All-Star band, as they formed out of several other bands, with one shared ambition. The pace is either low or mid-tempo. The vocals could be compared with a shivering Dave Ingram (Benediction). His grunting voice is far from mysterious, or to say it differently, straight in your face. They carefully incorporate some industrial influences too, especially in the spoken part on the titletrack. Probably to emphasize the industrial nature, these remarkably friendly looking guys have the following names, brace yourself: ERX (vocals), MDX (drums), VX (five snare, I suspect that to be the bass), DZDZ (keys) and the gentlemen ANZ and WRZ (both seven snare guitars). You can find this funny, special or even annoying, it is just one of those novelties you get a lot these days. The Satanic Bible and Lord of the Rings are by now all milked out in terms of applicable aliases. And to go as far as moving on to PokÈmon names, that's striving for the ridiculous, so this is a plausible alternative. I saw names that seemed to resemble license plates, so this isn't even that bad. A Dutch songwriter once said: "the name that suits you best, your parents already thought of for you”.

I once saw David Copperfield throwing a cloth over a train, surrounded by fifty people. The cloth then came up, supposedly with train and all and he pulled the cloth away. And what do you know, the train is gone. Accompanied by fifty people. By now, I know that all fifty people are involved in the act and that the train rode away outside the eye of the camera. But in hindsight, I liked it better not really knowing how it was done. The reason why I am telling this, is that Horricane reveals the names of the aliases of two prominent members of Samael. On top of covering one of their songs. So they tell the name their parents gave to Xy (also known as Xytraguptor and Xytras) and Vorph (also known as Vorphalack). And that to me sort of takes away a part of the mystery of this Swiss Great Power. I remember clearly how I really laughed out loud because of the irony when I heard that Count Grishnackh in real life was called Kristian. I am not going to tell you what the names are. If you are so inclined to know, buy this CD. Just like you have to pay to get your hands on a Hans Klok magic trick. Is that a sales argument, or what? Don't do it to get yourself another version of 'Rain', that's the song we're talking about, as it is not very much improved. The most you could say is that live drumming adds another dimension to it. Even though there has been thirteen years time to modify it. But then again, if you do a cover version of an outstanding band, you got to completely make your own version out of it. Like Samael did themselves, with 'I Love The Dead' by Alice Cooper, or Cradle Of Filth did with Slayer's 'Hell Awaits'.

Back to the band itself. It was founded in 2002, like mentioned in Estonia. Meanwhile, the band released the album 'The Lynch-Lawyers5' (2005) and now this 'The End's Facade'. Sadly for the interested readers, I cannot compare them to each other. But this disk offers an atmospheric death metal of a reasonable level, but not much more than that. Not that they don't play tight or anything, although there is some for some improvement, but in all their enthusiasm it may sound a bit sloppy, every now and then. The speed is mid or low tempo, like mentioned before and the keys bravely attempt to spice up the songs and even manage to do so. Not surprising but enjoyable. Let me mention the fact that they delivered the CD in an extra protective super jewel box, to protect it against, scratches, finger stains and folds. But after two weeks of moving from my jacket pocket and my glove compartment a couple of times, I am afraid it got slightly damaged after all.

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