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Heaven's Cry - Primal Power Addiction

Heaven's Cry - Primal Power Addiction

Label : DVS Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Jack The Jester : This Progressive Metal band from Canada made quite a good impression on me back in 1997 with their debut album "Food For Thought Substitute”. A pity therefore that we had to wait almost five years for its successor, due to problems with labels and management. Five years is quite a long time in music, and it is difficult to maintain your style, as tend to people change, and Heaven's did also. The first album was more Rock orientated, where this new album walks the progressive path some more. One of the strong points of the band is that they work with two different singers. Pierre ST-Jean and Sylvain Auclair though are both very capable singers, and one does not outclass the other, it is real teamwork, with lots of variation. Also the fact that the band has three guitarists isn't quite common, a pity that they don't really exploit this to the limit. The possibilities are endless, like using one as rhythm guitar and the other for guitar duels and shit, but alas this kind of thing is hardly used. By the way, I just labeled the band as 'Progressive', but that does not mean they cannot be foul and mean, just check out 'Komma' and find out what they are capable of. The album contains ten songs of their own, and as a little extra I found the cover 'Beds Are Burning', originally done by Australia's Midnight Oil. This version does not differ that much from the original, although it's been played a bit slower.

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