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Tyr  - By The Light Of The Northern Star

Tyr - By The Light Of The Northern Star

Label : Napalm Records | Archive under pagan / folk metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Tyr is one of the strong representative exponents of Viking/pagan metal. Their isolated location on the Faeroe Islands does not hinder them from travelling around the world. The previous album 'Land' came out a year ago and it was followed by many tours. Autumn 2008 they hit the road with Hollenthon and Alestorm (the so-called Aaskereia tour) and this year they already did an American tour (Pagan Knights tour) and a European one (Black Sails over Europe), often accompanied with upcoming pirate act Alestorm. But… in the meantime they also worked on new hymns. 'By The Light Of The Northern Star' is their first album recorded on native soil, but the mix was done by Jacob Hansen and the final touch happened at the infamous Finnvox Studios.

At that time I used to say that 'Land' appeared to be a bit less captivating than previous albums. This time Heri Joensen and his three blood-brothers took thought for making the songs more compact and straightforward. The trusty and beloved qualities are omnipresent: sonorous vocals of Joensen and sturdy full-throated harmony vocals in the choruses, low-tuned guitars and brilliant soloing. All this on a foundation of tight drums and pugnacious battle rhythms. Right away 'Hold The Heathen Hammer High' is a classic in the making with very fetching chorus. It leaps to the eye that more songs are sung in English, which makes it easier to fathom for us. Songs like 'Trondur I Gotu' and 'Turid Torkilsdottir' hold a kind of exotic fibre due to the vernacular language. Every song on this fifth studio album is high level quality. You instantly recognize Tyr, these men have found a prefect symbiosis between their progressive nature and stalwart hymns. Thus 'By The Light Of The Northern Star' - it is a concept of the rebellion against the Christianization of the Nordic areas - will be a record you want to listen to again and again. This material perfectly suits playing live and this was done on purpose.

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