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Disbelief - Protected Hell

Disbelief - Protected Hell

Label : Massacre | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Evil Dr. Smith : We have missed Disbelief's previous album 'Navigator' here at Lords Of Metal headquarters, but I doubt this album will shine a different light on the German psychedelic death metal, because 'Protected Hell' contains exactly the same what the band did two albums ago on '66 Sick'. Disbelief continues to deepening and evolving their typical sound for the last ten years. Repeating and ruminating would the vinegar pissing cynic say… In ancient times I wrote about their album 'Spreading The Rage' "The massive, mid tempo death metal with floating guitar riffs, full-fat pounding drums and desolate, grunt-like screams is creating a hallucinating wall of metal that could bore you to death, or will hypnotise you with enslaving trance-banging results.” Nothing has changed ever since. If the band repeats itself, why not the reviewer? Still, if you expect that I'm gonna burn this album to the ground, then you could never be so wrong. I'm simply fascinatingly charmed of their claustrophobic death metal grooves, not in the last place by growler Karsten who sounds like a depressed Tompa Lindberg who's auditioning at Bolt Thrower with a cover from Runemagick with an Alchemist interpretation. Or something like that…

People who are only into odd tempo changes and weird breaks will be bored to death by the narrow-minded, specified sound of Disbelief, but people that like to be sucked into an intense heap of massive monotonous monolithic sledge hammer metal will have the metalized intoxication time of their lives… at least for 54 minutes long. And another 100 minutes if they pick up the limited version with a bonus DVD.

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