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Dr. Gore - Rigor Mortis

Dr. Gore - Rigor Mortis

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Demo

Erik : This Italian quartet with a name taken from a song of Mortician, sends us their demo like half a year later. This self-produced and self-released 'Rigor Mortis' demo is a muddy grindcore mixed with death metal in the likes of Mortician, Cannibal Corpse and Vital Remains. Only, this is played in a more simple vein, not as innovative and it brings you nothing new to discover. The drums have a production problem of huge proportions since it sounds very much like it's recorded in a can of tuna. The vocalist sounds like a swine on acid and the guitars play fast but not complicated. This kind of death metal would not even hit a dent in a packet of butter. I would have expected more from a band that exists since 2002. Add a completely wrong cover of the mighty Carcass song 'Ruptured In Purulence' and you have a CD that you most likely want to bury besides the bone of your dog in your garden. That is my urgent advice and request!

By the way, I could not find a YouTube of this band, but I found something else! Enjoy!)[/I]

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