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Cage - Science Of Annihilation

Cage - Science Of Annihilation

Label : Music Buy Mail | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Frank V. : In a month the fifth CD 'Science Of Annihilation "of the American metal act Cage will be released. The previous releases have passed without many recognition and certainly the general public has never heard from these guys.

This CD is once again full of up-tempo heavy, power metal with the necessary Manowar type of lyrics, include the typical heavy, power metal vocals and you have all the ingredients for a successful release. But unfortunately there are so many bands in this genre, and we expect some additional. For instance excellent compositions, but after the intro and fast opener "Planet Crusher ' which provide some hope, but after that the other tracks are all more of the same. The singer is not bad but not the one who can make a difference. A basic release, for the real die-hard fans, so to speak.

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