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Believer - Gabriel

Believer - Gabriel

Label : Metal Blade | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilmar : Believer astonished the metal community by combining brutal thrash and death with lyrics about the Christian belief system. And brutal Believer was, their second cd 'Sanity Obscure' spinned it's mandatory rounds in my cd player many, many times, especially the majestic 'Dies Irae (Day Of Wrath)' as an insane milestone. My love for the mixture of classical instruments with a metalband reached a high level with Celtic Frost, with Believer it became a giant orgasm. And stupid enough I never followed the band after that.

And then you open up the envelop of Lords and what is staring back at me? The promo for 'Gabriel', the latest work of Kurt Bachman and Joey Daub with a whole new line up. And in goes the cd with a very high level of expectation, and when the first notes of 'Medwton' blast through my headphone, then there is this riff… Pestilence can suck on that. But in the fast regions I cannot shake the impression that these former choirboys from Pennsylvania have been listening to 'Consuming Impulse' and 'Testimony Of The Ancients'. After that, Believer starts to follow their own path. And here and there 'Gabriel' does disappoint. Especially the reggae part in 'A Moment In Prime' or the cool jazz intermezzo in 'Stoned' are out of place, and between 'Redshift' and 'The Need For Conflict' I am not entirely impressed with Believer.

But then the band comes back with 'Focused Lethality', that reminds me again of Pestilence, and the heavy pounder 'Shut Out The Sun'. And Believer has not given up experimentation at all, when we take the closing 'Nonsense Mediated Decay' into consideration, which is even followed by three not disclosed extra tracks. But given the resemblance with aforementioned 'Nonsense Mediated Decay' I guess its all part of the track. A smack hit like 'Dies Irae' is absent on 'Gabriel', but the album does have it's moments to enjoy! If only because of the opening riff of 'Medwton'…

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