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Delain  - April Rain

Delain - April Rain

Label : Roadrunner Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Winston : And there it is, the all-important second album for Delain. 'Lucidity' made it to the nr.1 spot
in my year list of 2006 so you will understand that I was more than curious. They evolved to a steady collective in the past couple of years and this album is proves that in a great way.

Right from the first song, the first minute even, I recognized the band's particular style and I was glad. They didn't fall in that big pool of inter-exchangeable bands, they remained themselves. 'April Rain' starts off fiercely after a nice intro with pounding rhythms and strong melodies. In fact that goes for the whole album in general; graced with a full and bombastic sound, created by the four men and their leading lady Charlotte Wessels. Her voice sounds more convincing and direct, the freedom she had here as co-creator was embraced by her and that is easily audible. A nice variation from all the dramatic and operatic singers in the genre. Only two guests this time; Marko Hietala (Nightwish) was asked a second time and cellist Maria Ahn (Ahn Trio) was asked for her skills on the cello, adding a more contemporary atmosphere. Delain lives up to the promise of 2006, more than that. My favourite tracks for now; 'April Rain', 'Virtue And Vice' (with guitarist Ronald Landa as George Oosthoek sound-a-like, very well done!) and 'Start Swimming' (with Led Zeppelin influences). And now get back on that stage please!

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