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Unshine  - The Enigma Of Immortals

Unshine - The Enigma Of Immortals

Label : Low Frequency Records | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Unshine blends ancient mysticism with atmospheric symphonic metal. In their home country Finland they have built up a good reputation with the debut 'Earth Magick' (2005). They were even invited to a pop-contest in Spain and front lady Susanna Vesilahti was mentioned as possible replacement for Tarja in Nightwish. But do not draw the wrong conclusions due to this: vocals on this sophomore album 'The Enigma Of Immortals' are lovely and sweet, no powerful operatic chants, but a smoothly noticed caress for our ears. In that respect, that pop-contest gives us an indication.

They have been working for two years on this album. The recordings took place at the D-Studio in Klaukkala and the mastering was done by Svante Forsbck which assures us of a transparent sound, but for some people maybe too polished. Hence this album will also appeal to aficionados of symphonic rock and even pop music. The band is labelled as druid metal and expect for the mysterious aura of that label, 'The Enigma Of Immortals' is nothing but a dreamy album with beautiful melodious guitar skills and symphonic arrangements.

It all starts with flute and a symphonic intro. Instrumentally this album is very good. The songs are rather slow and melancholic, some of them (especially 'Forget Me Not' and 'With The Silents Of The Earth') have a folkloristic tinge. Yet it is not so far away from regular gothic metal and then I mainly think about bands like Midnattsol and Within Temptation. Particularly the ten minutes long 'Catherine His Beloved' (together with 'Luminaries' my personal favourite), is a copycat of the contemporary Within Temptation sound. Not bad indeed, but it all sounds extremely familiar, as if I have heard this many times before (and I probably did). It is also tenable for the dark, doom-alike 'Luminaries', in which the sound of guitars really charms. The spatial 'The Seer Of Sights' could enchant me more than one in a dozen tracks such as 'Animal Spirit' and 'The Paradise Lost'. It all remains slightly meek and modest, though it sure is a record to calm down. May be recommended to fans of Mostly Autumn and Blackmore's Night. They got a higher score for the eminent guitar sounds.

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