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Michael Schenker Group - One Night At Budokan

Michael Schenker Group - One Night At Budokan

Label : EMI | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Re-release

Richard V. : In the past few years EMI released re-mastered editions of classic albums of bands like Deep Purple, Whitesnake and UFO. These new editions were a joy for fans because of the interesting bonus material (never released before demo's and live recordings), booklets with new photographs and excellent liner notes. This year EMI continues this great initiative by releasing re-mastered editions from classic albums by Michael Schenker Group and Saxon.

The story of Michael Schenker has been written many times before and can be read on wikipedia. As a young teenager he joined Scorpions, the band of his brother Rudolf Schenker and played on their debut 'Lonesome Crow'. Shortly after he joined UFO with whom he recorded five albums and the magnificent double live album 'Strangers In The Night'. At the end of the seventies he decided the time was right to go out on his own and started the Michael Schenker Group.

After only two albums the double live album 'One Night At Budokan' was released in1982. Thanks to the impressive axe work, the quality of the songs and the enthusiastic performances that were a bit rougher than the studio versions, the album became a classic amongst hard rock fans. Many fans of the genre rate this album on the same level as illustrious live albums such as Thin Lizzy's 'Live And Dangerous', Kiss' 'Alive', Deep Purple's 'Made In Japan', Judas Priest's 'Unleased In The East' and UFO's 'Strangers In The Night'. The album sold well in its day and cd issues have done considerable business as well.

This version contains two extra tracks and is the first to contain the entire concert performance. Should we be happy with these two extra tracks? Yes and no. Yes, because the concert is now finally complete. No, because the two extra songs weren't left off the original release for a reason. 'Tales Of Mystery' and Cozy Powell's long drum solo break the flow of an magnificent performance. Recently the UFO classic 'Strangers In The Night' was also released with two additional songs. Both songs weren't as good as the other material and moreover changed the original sequence of the songs. Every fan that knows these albums by heart won't be charmed by this concept. Those who strive for completeness will be happy, because 'One Night At Budokan' is and remains a classic.

Tracklist CD 1:
1. Introduction
2. Armed And Ready
3. Cry For The Nations
4. Attack Of The Mad Axeman
5. But I Want More
6. Victim Of Illusion
7. Into The Arena

Tracklist CD 2:
1. On And On
2. Never Trust A Stranger
3. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
4. Tales Of Mystery (Bonustrack, Tokyo 12/8/81)
5. Cozy Powell Drum Solo (Bonustrack, Tokyo 12/8/81)
6. Courvoisier Concerto
7. Lost Horizons
8. Doctor Doctor
9. Ready To Rock

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