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MMCircle - Requiem Pour Un Vivant

MMCircle - Requiem Pour Un Vivant

Label : Unicorn Digital | Archive under fusion / jazz

Release type: Full-length CD

Evil Dr. Smith : This album around the Canadian drummer Matrin Maheux leans more toward classical chamber music than that it got anything to do with symphonic or progressive rock. Therefore a review in Lords Of Metal is hardly relevant, but I guess Martin's record label Unicorn might have thought that a solo album from the jazzy prog-rock combo Spaced Out will make a small part of the LoM-crew happy. I must admit that there's absolutely nothing wrong with this album, on which the drummer is accompanied with a female string quartet (and on one composition also with a pianist), which creates exquisite modern and demure chamber music, but it's not really useful for a zine like LoM.

Nevertheless, I already spilled some words on it, so if you're into ensembles like the crossover act Kronos Quartet, the more spicy and classical orientated ECM releases, or the repetitive minimal themes from Steve Reich and Philip Glass, then it's certainly worthwhile to check this album out. Also when you especially like to listen to drummers, because this man really knows how to juggle with his sticks. But if you're expecting some kind of variation of Apocalyptica with Dave Lombardo, then you're at the wrong address. You see on the YouTube clip also a trumpet player, a pianist and a cello player, but unfortunately they aren't playing on this album.

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