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Moonspell - Lusitanian Metal

Moonspell - Lusitanian Metal

Label : Century Media | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: DVD/Video/Blu-ray

Vera : Many people, including me, have been looking forward to the first DVD of the ultimate Portuguese metal band Moonspell for a long time. There have been rumours about its release for quite a while, but finally the time has come: just in time to order it as New Years gift, the DVD will hit the shops. And they did it thoroughly, since it is a double DVD X-raying the complete history of the band until their departure with Century Media (2005). By the way, only reading the title is so very much Moonspell-ish: a bit mysterious, yet directly referring to their origin.

The first DVD features the show that the band played in 2004 in Katowice (Poland). It is an awesome dream-set with all fantastic classic songs perfectly caught by several cameras. Songs like 'Alma Mater' (this was once my first encounter with the band), the mysterious 'Vampiria', 'Opium', 'Mephisto' and the embodiment of the band 'Full Moon Madness' never miss their impact, not even after all these years. This show is also available separately on audio CD. Six video clips, from 'Opium' to 'Everything Invaded' follow with the making of the latter one as extra. In addition to the discography we have interviews with all the members. They tell why they opted for the Polish show and they go deeper into the history of the band, walking through breathtaking sceneries of their home country.

The second DVD is promising on paper, but unfortunately sound and vision is bootleg-quality from time to time. Of course this is only natural with recordings from the early beginning (1992-1994), but also recordings from the 'The Butterfly Effect' tour and 'Darkness And Hope' tour left me somewhat disappointed. The best recordings are those of 1996 in Dortmund and from the With Full Force (10th Anniversary) festival. More recent views on Turkish and Greek events are mediocre again. This DVD is a fine chronological summary, but due to the ever changing quality it was a challenge to look at these fifty (!) tracks after each other. Fortunately the first DVD makes it worthwhile. But if I can speak frankly: a double DVD with a professional filmed show with material of 'Memorial' and 'Night Eternal' on the second disc would have been better. Anyway, as overview of the Century Media period it is extremely well documented. You have the choice: whether you purchase the double DVD or you go for the well-illustrated limited edition box including the CD as well. All in all a release that might be essential for the fans of this unique band.

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