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Paragon - Screenslaves

Paragon - Screenslaves

Label : Massacre | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : Paragon definitely belongs to one of the most productive bands within the German heavy and power metal scene. Last year the band released the dark album 'Forgotten]]'ForgottenProphecies'[/url] and earlier this year the EP 'Large]]'LargeThan Life'[/url] was presented as well. Now again already the new album of these fanatic metallers 'Screenslaves' has hit the stores. But seeing that I have always found the band's output worth, you won't hear any complaints from my side.

Those who are familiar with this band know that Paragon stands for true traditional heavy metal with touch of thrash. That is again what we hear on this ninth long player and the band proves never to walk any path other than the one they have been walking for years. From the very first second the sharp, diversified and extremely catchy riffs spin around your ears and the bang-your-head and raise-your-fist value is very high. Andreas Babuschkin's vocals make the band eve more recognizable and the album simply has everything you expect from this band. In comparison to its predecessor 'Screenslaves' is less dark and the tempo is a bit higher in general. Therefore the album sounds a bit more aggressive and reminds me a bit of 'Revenge' from 2005. But the album also sounds a bit different than the bands previous outputs and that is because of its production. For this album the band has chosen Uwe Lulis (ex-Grave Digger) for the production. He has given Paragon a bit of a different drive and that is mostly audible in the drum sound. The fact remains that 'Screenslaves' is a real Paragon album, which will surely satisfy the fans.

Traditionally the album also contains a cover. Unfortunately this is Backstreet Boys' 'Larger Than Life', which of course was also on the EP. And finally the band treats us on a bonus track and that is an Italian version of 'Legacy'.

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