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TrollfesT - Villanden

TrollfesT - Villanden

Label : Twilight | Archive under pagan / folk metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Is this a joke? Anyway, I could only cry. And I got irritated and nervous. How far can we go before jocular madness turns into chaos so that your music becomes only digestible after tankards of beer, wine or J├Ągermeister? Anyway, this was a heavy load to listen to as a whole. The fidget blend of extreme metal, rural skip-like folk and even jazz soon got me irritated. I do not think I have ever heard such an aggravating humppa Viking metal album before. I am a huge fan of the genre but this is funfair music on one hand and for the rest the singer bites off your nose while he rattles off his lyrics in a vicious, morbid way, desperately trying to follow the hectic rhythms that surround him. Something like a hybrid of Dani Filth and a screeching hardcore whistling-buoy.

Nevertheless the concept includes a few diverting information. Lyrics are written in an imaginary troll language, a mixture of Norwegian and German. The four guys go through life as Trollmannen, Mr. Seidel, Psycho Troll and TrollBANK and live there are two session musicians more. 'Villanden' is the third album of these Norwegians. Humour and beer prevail, but alas, now we are stuck with thirty-seven minutes gaga-ish noise as result. The three pure folk songs are so old-fashioned that they do not appeal to me and the metal tracks all have the same exhausted speed. Music-wise it is not much cop, hard to follow, incoherent and jumbled. But vocals are worse, a punishment to listen to. They used more instruments than on the previous records, but trumpet and accordion do not add something significant. Reading all this, maybe you think this is Korpiklaani on speed? Wrong. And what about the comparison with Finntroll one can read here and there? Nothing of the sort! I did not hear a semblance with Finntroll. These people probably think about Finntroll because one speaks of humppa metal and trolls here too. My conclusion is that being jolly and hysterical is not enough to make a good record. Tip: maybe it is better to record the next record before getting fully loaded.

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