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Virus - The Black Flux

Virus - The Black Flux

Label : Season Of Mist | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilmar : Never did a new term for writing reviews for Lords start out so strange as the one for the november-issue. Virus and Gonin-Ish were sent to me, and never did the weirdo-meter strike such a high result as with these two releases. We begin with Virus. As un-original as the band name sounds, so unusual is the music that Virus plays. Started out as the black metal band Ved Buens Ende, we can safely assume that Virus has nothing to do with black metal at all. I even doubt if it's metal. But it is fascinating at least!

If you check the MySpace of singer/guitarist Czral Michael with his influences, you see a complete list of which none is audible on 'The Black Flux' for only one second. 'Stalkers Of The Drift', which opens the album, is just a culture shock for your ears, and when you get used to the peculiar sound, it gets its hypnotic effects. 'As Virulent As You' sounds catchy in a strange way, the title track is as dark as it can get. Deeply fascinated I was by the song 'Lost Peacocks', which is the silent highlight for me from 'The Black Flux'. The two songs that follow ('Shame Eclipse' and 'Strange Calm') fade away a bit, which is a sin because those are good songs. 'Lost Peacocks' as closing statement of the album should have made it far more overwhelming.

But how can you compare Virus? It is so hard to describe. Let's put it this way: the offspring of Pink Floyd and The Doors, heavily experimenting with agonistic drugs. On the Space Shuttle. While they silently pass a bottle of Jack Daniels to spit in it, and the first one who says a word must drink it all at once. Strange? You should listen to this album.

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