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Dictated - Suppressing All Who Refuse

Dictated - Suppressing All Who Refuse

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Demo

Tormentor Erich : I am still surprised to see that our little country brings forward so many decent death metal bands. The Dutch scene has a high appearance in the world of death metal and with fresh blood like this Dictated we won't have to worry about the future standard!

These five tracks (together about seventeen minutes of fine noise) from this band based in Utrecht are real appetizers. It is mainly old school, some mid tempo, very ponderous and rather hard. But don't ignore the tempo changes and breaks as used in 'Devouring Illness' and 'The Pleading Nation'. They show that Dictated is more then just chopping around. These five compositions are well written, they are played real tight and also the production is fine, especially for a demo.
Dictated is a rather young band. Shouter Ruud and guitar players Sonja and Jessica are being supported on drums and bass via the Erubus members Yelmer and Sven. And there is our link: those of you whom like there death metal in the style of bands such as Erubus, Deification and Putrefied can try this out. This well attended demo can be ordered for only five Euros by the band. And if you want to get a taster check out Dictated at: .

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