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Demonizer - Triumphator

Demonizer - Triumphator

Label : Folter Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Neithan : Yo, what a coincidence. Just when I was thinking early September how the fellows from Demonizer in Belgium were doing, guess what? I found out that their new and third album, 'Triumphator', had just been released by German Folter Records, the very same label that released Elite's magnificent 'We Own The Mountains' around the same time. In all honesty I must say that the Elite album has impressed me a bit more, yet that Demonizer fits in more with what we usually expect from a label like Folter Records.

On the debut Demonizer made a great mix of black metal and thrash, including screams that made me think of the eighties German thrash bands. The second album, 'The Essence Of War' went already more towards black metal, a course that has been maintained on this third album. Those who know the guys from Demonizer a bit more, know that they are dedicated black metal fans and musicians, and that in their earlier days they shared the stage with Nocturnal Breed. Last year they did a successful show in Oslo's John Dee together with Lamented Souls (featuring members of Dimmu Borgir and another hellish alcoholic thrash act Aura Noir) and Swedish Witchcraft, which is a great achievement for a - at that time - unsigned act. When reading these names you know where to place Demonizer: fast black metal with thrash influences, not bothered by the small detail that the nineties have passed for a few years now. Yet be fair, does that really matter? No, because the passion the band has for this kind of music bursts from the speakers and Demonizer sounds more extreme than before, both regarding speed and rawness. Aided by musicians known from the Belgian scene like Noctiz (Paragon Impure and Lugubrum) and Enthroned's Nornagast this Belgian war machine bursts out like a true inferno, and with lovely titles such as 'Alcoholic', the title track and 'Bestial Ejaculation' you know that modern frills are not the key issue. Sometimes I even hear passages that remind me of Satanic Warmaster, which is no punishment for my ears at all.

For the critics: no, Demonizer is not bringing anything new, but they do it the right way. People who like albums from bands like Norwegian The Batallion, Dutch Zwartketterij or the blackoholic metal of indeed Nocturnal Breed and Aura Noir, yet also want to hear it more black metal and a little less retro thrash, including some guitar leads and the raw screaming vocals (I think it is Ule doing most of them nowadays), better try this one out!

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