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Black Anvil - Time Insults The Mind

Black Anvil - Time Insults The Mind

Label : | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Neithan : Black Anvil is a New York black metal band, and yes, they have a line-up of musicians that used to play in bands like Kill Your Idols, Madball and other hardcore acts. The band itself claims to play thrash / black metal, and according to the bio their music is recommendable to fans of bands like Immortal, Celtic Frost, Darkthrone, Messiah en Watain. Well, in all modesty, I do have a different opinion on that one!

I can come into the comparison with Watain, although Black Anvil misses that dark feeling in the underbelly, something in which Watain excels. Black Anvil at least has massive riffs that hit hard, but there is darkness and there is darkness, and in this matter that darkness still has difficulties to be seen under the skin. And talking about Sweden: yes, Black Anvil definitely has a Swedish feeling buried in their music, with also the hardcore past somewhere hidden below the surface. Black Anvil doesn't play pure black metal, although the vocals are suited for a rock 'n rollish kind of black metal, and I think that it is the style of the vocals that makes this band being seen or categorized as a black metal band (although the singer doesn't rasp like a raven!). I think Black Anvil plays a kind of dark melodic death/ thrash metal with instruments that are tuned like Watain does and inspired by Celtic Frost: it is not for nothing that on this album they cover 'Dethroned Emperor', and they get pretty close to the original!

About the comparisons with Norwegian giants Darkthrone and Immortal: I don't hear anything back in their music. I am not sure whether the future for these three New Yorkers is within black metal: what I can tell is that could very well become an asset to extreme metal with their mix of melodic death and thrash metal (yep, the Haunted is Swedish as well) in the future; it just has to grow a bit more, and in that respect 'Time Insults The Mind' is a real debut. I would almost advise them to follow this course with perhaps a working holiday to Sweden to get to a next level. In the meanwhile these dudes have done a show at the Tilburg ZXZW festival, and I am sure that they will have won new fans over there. It is just that I doubt whether these were black metal fans, because this music is perhaps even more fitted to those who like darkened melodic death metal. I think only time will tell, but at least keep an eye on this band!

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