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Angband - Rising From Apadana

Angband - Rising From Apadana

Label : Pure Steel Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : Just when I thought I'd heard everything once, I receive this CD! Not that the band does something out of the ordinary or something we haven't heard before. I'm talking about the band's background here; Angband is a heavy metal band from Iran! Yes, you are reading it correctly. And that's rather remarkable, seeing that western music, and metal in particular, is illegal in that country. But yeah, metal has no boundaries, because it lies within the heart, which of course also has no boundaries.

This is also the first Iranian band that has signed a worldwide deal and that they have signed with Pure Steel doesn't even surprise me honestly. The music of these Persians fits perfectly to that label, seeing that the band plays traditional, basic heavy metal. We're dealing with a musically educated trio, from which some might recognize the guitar and bass player Mayhar Dean as the writer of the official Testament and Death biographies. The last even when Chuck was still among us.

Musically the Angband takes the direction of bands like Iced Earth and Nevermore and if you listen carefully you might recognize some influences from Metallica's 'Master Of Puppets', but especially the technical aspect of Death! However, the main problem with this album is its production. But yeah, when you have to work under certain circumstances and with people with limited knowledge of a metal album is produced; this doesn't come as a surprise. The guitar sound is shrill and the vocals are mixed in a totally wrong way. But the drums in particular drown in the poor sound and at some point you don't even realize there is drums. That's a damn pity if you ask me, because if you listen through the production, you'll hear that the band has some pretty good ideas; the riffs would sound catchy with a good production and a proper support of drum and bass. The band also has a great singer, who also doesn't come to his right at the moment. But listening to his emotional voice and his high pitches screams in 'Incarnation Of Truth' or 'At The Kings Command', you shall recognize his abilities.

At this moment 'Rising From Apadana' doesn't match to the metal standards yet, but the band does have the ability to make good heavy metal. This is also a good start and let's hope more bands will report from the Middle East.

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