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The Blacklist - Total Blacklist

The Blacklist - Total Blacklist

Label : Undertow Recordings | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Frank D. : Sometimes people ask me if I believe in life in space. I always say "Yes”. Why? Well, to give you an example, speedrock is a typical Dutch thing, right? Well, there's a band on the other side of the world that could be from Holland. The Blacklist prove that nothing is unique.

With 'Electric And Evil' the Australian The Blacklist already took me by surprise. Like the Aussies wanted to prove that they could do what Peter Pan Speedrock and The Spades did a couple of years before. And with this second album 'Total Blacklist' The Blacklist continue utilizing the ammunition that Zeke and Motörhead provided the world with. The motor of this musical hot rod is revved up and as soon as the pedal is put to the metal, we're off for a twelve-track ride to hell. Like a tropical storm the gents screw up my hearing system with blistering tracks like 'Fuckin' Fucked Up & Ready To Fuckin' Die','I Am War' and 'We Come To Fight'. This is raunchy rock with capital R.

Yes, it was possible to crank it up a notch, that much is clear. So, get the beers from the freezer, put some steaks on the grill and let's have a good bar brawl.

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