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Burst - Lazarus Bird

Burst - Lazarus Bird

Label : Relapse | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Richard G. : The two previous albums 'Prey On Life' and 'Origo' by pioneering metalcore act Burst were already praised over and over and rightfully so. But of course creating music that is this brilliant raises the bar and expectations for eveery consecutive record. Will the Swedes be able to maintain the constant quality and high level of musicality on their newest effort 'Lazarus Bird'?

Of course they do! Jesper Liverod (bass, ex-Nasum) and co. simply do it again and how! It is an absolute mystery how they manage, but for one hour we get the chance to enjoy the most fantastic structures and sounds melted together with progressive, experimental metalcore. Whether it is the emotionally laden combination of screamed and cleanly sung vocals in opener 'I Hold Vertigo'. Whether it is the hardly comprehensible guitar melodics of 'We Are Dust'. Whether it is the initially structured but later on utterly cacophonous saxophone in 'Nineteenhundred'. You will simply not find any better extreme metal compositions with more refreshing ideas than the ones at offer here.

Take the best of hardcore renewers like Botch, Breach or Coalesce, mix this with refined 70s progressive structurings, sound effects you have not heard before, a crips and clear production and then you have the basis of 'Lazarus Bird' in a tiny nutshell. The interplay between loud and soft, moments of relaxation and intensity, anger and fragility, Burst is the master of all of these different elements. It is practically impossible to put into words the sonic refinedness of the record and the intrinsic need for musical renewal of the band. In order to grasp what these inimtable visionaries are doing you will have to purchase 'Lazarus Bird' for yourself and listen to it over and over again. You will not regret it.

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