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Born To Lose - Saints Gone Wrong

Born To Lose - Saints Gone Wrong

Label : I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison Records | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Frank D. : Straight forward, that's how I will always remember Born To Lose. To fucking around, no bullshit, just kick in the nuts kind of punk'n roll. And this new endeavor doesn't paint a different picture.

Tired from the touring and each other the guys decided to give it a break, but as so often is the case, the gents quickly figured out that the sum of the whole was more than the parts solo. And thus Born To Lose returned to the front. Tasty riffs, raw vocals, sing-a-long chorus' and a blistering energy makes a cocktail for which you can wake me up and yes, you can wake me up for this 'Saints Gone Wrong' you may wake me up. ' Let It Go' and the title track 'Saints Gone Wrong' will fuel more than one moshpit on the road. In short, Born To Lose keeps me focused with the same old song yet again. And the fact that they can still pull this off says a lot about the level of performance. If nothing else tracks as ' Soundtrack', 'Give Us Hate' and 'Long Hard Road' prove that simplicity can be very beautiful.

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