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Pilgrimz - Boar Riders

Pilgrimz - Boar Riders

Label : I Scream Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Frank D. : Nasty, raunchy, sleazy... Pilgrimz? This rock 'n metal hotrod has already made quite some name for itself in Denmark. Now let's see how the rest of the world reacts. On 'Boar Riders' it's clear that these gents don't take prisoners. With rugged vocals, tight catchy songs and a big shot of energy the band bombards the beholder right from the start with 'Jimmy's Castle'. Well, it's clear why that this band is nicknamed "metal Hives”.

Absolute must-hear is 'Shake-A-Feather' which gives one a good impression of what this band is made off. Question is whether this band is going for an international breakthrough. I think yes. Although it works a bit one dimensional on some occasion, the energy is very catchy. In short, if you ever wanted to know what it would sound like if Pantera, The Hives and Raunchy teamed up: the answer is now provided by Pilgrimz.

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