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Calabrese - The Traveling Vampire Show

Calabrese - The Traveling Vampire Show

Label : Abstract Sounds | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Frank D. : The cover leads to believe that we're dealing with another boring US-horrorbilly band. Vampires, blood and stuff like that are looking at me from the cover picture and the titles. YAWN. But how wrong a person can be when judging a book by it's cover becomes clear when right from the start it turns out to be this rugged hybrid of influences by the Misfits, The Cult and The Damned. And yes, this is catchy as the Spanish flue. It's the perfect soundtrack for a raunchy Halloween party, but without losing itself in clichés.

Okay, the lyrics are not really thrilling, but the vocals and the riffs make up for that. Good old fashioned "swinging” so to say. The band steamrolls through it's 12 track setlist. No clichés here, just take a listen to 'Death Eternal', 'Inside This Coffin' and the single 'Voices Of The Dead'. The only clichés left (and I could do without) are the B-movie samples. It doesn't enhance anything really.

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