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Element - Under The Influence

Element - Under The Influence

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Frank D. : It's British and it sounds like everything you heard before. Guess what that is… Yes, Element. To cut a long story very short: if you know everything what Metallica and Machine Head ever put out, then this 'Under The Influence' album is one big festival of "I heard this before” moments. The riffs, the vocals, the compositions, the whole lot sounds familiar. And with that, this band signs it's own death warrant.

Technical the gents hold their own, but originality is totally absent. And to make matters worse, the originals sound better, that much is clear after a couple of turns. Tracks like 'Downfall', 'Forged Existence' and 'Under The Influence' are not bad, don't be mistaken, but 'Bleed On My Own' is just a bit too much under the influence. And that track is not the exception. In short, this is a solid thrash album, but the band is not going to win any wars with this, for that it's just a bit too much of the same old song.

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