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Revolution Renaissance - New Era

Revolution Renaissance - New Era

Label : Frontiers Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : It has taken quite a while, but the Finish power metal band Stratovarius at last seems to have called it a day now. A little while ago this "news” was announced formally by guitar player Timo Tolkki on his website and due to the fact that mister Tolkki is presenting this Revolution Renaissance record 'New Era', he seems to be pretty determined to keep it that way.

After the split of Stratovarius Timo just kept on writing new songs and, because it would be a shame not to release the stuff, with the help of some studio musicians and guest vocalists he decided to release this under the Revolution Renaissance moniker. To stick to the guest vocalist part: they are certainly not the worst singers that you can find because with Michael Kiske (Helloween), Tobias Sammet (Edguy) and Pasi Rantanen (Thunderstone) you have some great singers at hand. Stylewise Revolution Renaissance just keeps on doing what Stratovarius always did, so you know exactly what to expect: bombastic happy metal with an occasional ballad. Best tracks of the album are in my opinion 'Revolution Renaissance', 'Born Upon The Cross' and 'I Did It My Way', but also all the other tracks are definitely worth checking out.
Latest news is that Revolution Renaissance has transformed from a project into a real band with the inclusion of vocalist Gus Monsanto, drummer Bruno Agra and keyboard player Mike Khalilov. A next album is already planned for the February 2009 timeframe and until that date we still have to do it with this 'New Era', which certainly is no punishment at all. For me this is a very positive surprise!

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