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Ixion’s Wheel - Chapter One: Vicycle Seasons

Ixion’s Wheel - Chapter One: Vicycle Seasons

Label : | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : Ixion's Wheel, from France, already released this 'Vicycle Seasons' by themselves in 2007, now Great Dane Records releases this bombastic black metal opus once again. It's a concept album based on the Greek mythological figure Ixion.

The album is a complex affair especially for a debut. Complicated structures, many instrumental layers, samples, electronic beats, opera singing, curtains of keyboards and ripping guitars, it's all there. I would characterise the combination as a machine-like symphonic black metal record with both classical as industrial influxes. Quite difficult to grasp and quite original. The sonic violence, together with the complexity and plurality of the influences is only for the dedicated I'm afraid.

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