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Darkseed - Diving Into Darkness

Darkseed - Diving Into Darkness

Label : Metal Mind Productions | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Re-release

Vera : This month Metal Mind Productions re-releases the Darkseed albums once released by Nuclear Blast: Spellcraft (1997), 'Give Me Light' (1999) and 'Diving Into Darkness' (2000). With 'Diving Into Darkness' starts the era of the triplet Hertrich/Gilcher/Herrman as core of Darkseed, completed with occasional musicians. It also meant a serious change in their sound. All acoustic guitars appeared to be banned and replaced by dark electro elements. An evolution that usually makes me rather sceptical, since the electro scene of gothic is not my cup of tea. Images of cautiously flaunting Goths on beat-rhythms is a world totally different from the one I like to dwell in. Fortunately Darkseed is not of that ilk. 'Diving Into Darkness' is even a very good gothic album. I always regretted the Depeche Mode-influences with Paradise Lost. Darkseed evolves in the same direction, but strangely enough I have no problem with that.

The opener of the album is still quite heavy. 'Forever Darkness' can be considered as a bridge between older stuff and the new direction, with still a slightly death touch in vocals. But from 'I Deny You' on the songs are much softer. 'Counting Moments' is a catchy gothic track, while 'Can't Find You' turns into the only song with a bit ethereal female vocals, but heavy riffs too. Darkseed mainly creates lots of atmosphere on this album and they do it in a magnificent way in songs like the dark 'Left Alone', the engrossing 'Cold Under Water' (with more rough vocals now and then) and 'Downwards'. In addition I was often struck by the marvellous, emotive guitar solos. The introduction of electro elements did not result in a cold, industrial album. That's a pro.

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