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Battleroar - To Death And Beyond…

Battleroar - To Death And Beyond…

Label : Cruz Del Sur Music | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : Can you still remember a few years ago when melodic power metal bands spontaneously jumped out of the ground like wild mushrooms, releasing one reasonable to good album and either left the scene or started playing shit afterwards? Well, thank god those times are history and not every sensitive metrosexual pretty boy gets a decent chance to release a record. But what we do see in the last couple of years are bands that reach out for the epic eighties heavy metal, with mythological and fantasy themes and sing for the battlefields, glory and heroism. And to be honest, I'm more than happy about this!

The Greece-based Battleroar has been a part of this movement for about eight years and have already released two reasonable albums with 'Battleroar' and 'Age Of Chaos'. Three years after the release of the last album, the band returns with a fresh album, which also makes me happy like a hooker on a Saturday night! Battleroar's heroic heavy metal is deeply rooted in the eighties and the spirit of bands such as Omen, Cirith Ungol and the legendary Manilla Road breathes in the music of this band. And those are still some of the bands that make me go wild up to this day. Fortunately I don't get the feeling that Battleroar is trying to sound like an exact copy of these bands and they strongly show their own ability.

From the opening track 'Dragonhelm' onwards the band shows progress at all fronts and they hold on to that to the last second. It's clearly audible that they have paid a lot of attention to the song structures and arrangements. Every piece of the puzzle falls perfectly in place, the tempo varieties are set in on the right time and the album doesn't suffer from a lack on variety. How else is it possible that the album doesn't become boring in a full hour? The vocal performances of Marco Concoreggi may not stay unmentioned. His beautiful voice sounds more powerful than before and he finally seems to have found his way of performance.

The powerful production and the beautiful cover artwork are the finishing touch and what remains is a beautiful heavy metal album that will apply to the fans of traditional heavy metal, the in the abovementioned bands and fans of heroic metal like Holy Martyr, Doomsword and Wotan!

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