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Obscure - On Formaldehyde

Obscure - On Formaldehyde

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Frank D. : What does this remind me of? Even after two weeks of submerging myself in my impressive database and collection there's no clue for what triggers this feeling. Whatever the case, this debut of Obscure boggles my mind.

The CD kicks off with a Judas Priest howl. Oh jeez….. As soon as the album really gets on its way, I'm gone. This is just downright meek. The vocals are uber-mediocre and musically the band utilizes a strange sort of power-, stoner- and heavy metal. I can't say that they mixed it into a tasty cocktail. A song like 'Methamorphis' seams to drag on forever and even when the band hits the stage with a Saxon-like track like 'Veins Of Steel' it doesn't do anything for me. Nope, this Obscure has chosen a very appropriate name, because this is very likely to stay buried in the obscurity of the forgotten lesser metal gods.

Although ex-Enslaved-member is at the helm of this combo it turns out to be a substandard and bleak album.

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