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Crikey - Future Of The Loss

Crikey - Future Of The Loss

Label : Twilight | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Frank D. : "Okay, do we have everything?” ”I don't know. YOU have the checklist!” ”Oh yeah… lets have a look… solid and tight drummer?” ”Check.” ”He brought his double bass drums, right?” ”Yeahyeahyeah…pfff” ”Ok, dark grunts? I'll do that myself. Screaming sidekick vocals?” ”I'll do that. Go on.” ”Do we have a talented bass player?” ”Yep.” ”Hardcore ADHD guitars?” ”Checkerdecheck.” ”Original ideas?” ”Well… hmm…. shit… oh well, we just fling some hardcore, power and heavy metal in the musical blender… that will do the trick, right?”

A couple of weeks later…..

"I don't know..” ”What?” ”It all sounds a bit…. standard, doesn't it?” ”Yes, you got a point.” ”There's not a crumble of pie to be earned by this, you realise that? Let alone a record deal. Shit…” "What do you mean? It sounds good, no?” ”Man, listen to a track like 'Beg For' or 'Future Of The Loss'. It sounds pretty ass-kicking, but there's something missing. Something that makes it stand out, you know?” ”Hmm, now you mention it… yes, hmm indeed”

The gents stare at the ceiling for a while.

"Did I tell you about that girl I met yesterday in the pub?” ”This is not the time nor the place, dude” "Fuck off, dumbass. No, what I mean is, she plays the violin, maybe…” "Get real! A VIOLIN? This is METAL!” "Yeah, I know, but when Flogging Molly can do it, maybe…” "We can always try. Anything is better than reading that some dork of that e-zine finds this album nothing more than number 100 in a line of fifty”

Another couple of weeks later…

"Dude, I think we did it!” ”Yes, I think we did. Let those reviewers get an earful of this!”

Well, Crikey convinces at least one reviewer with this 'Future Of The Loss'…. me.

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