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Bulldozer Breed - Bulls In A Mosh

Bulldozer Breed - Bulls In A Mosh

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Frank D. : Ok, I'm guilty. When I found this new demo of Bulldozer Breed on my desk, I was not what they called "thrilled”. The promo of 2005 ('Promo 2005') was not my cup of tea and although the band convinced me of their talent during a live-concert later that year, I was not really holding my breath for a new studio-outing.

BUT, this has to be said: the gents made a giant leap forward. The nicknames are replaced by their first names and the "rock'n roll” oneliners in the bio are absent too. So a mature band indeed. But more importantly: the music sounds a whole lot better. 'Promo 2005' was filled to the hilt with raunchy, primitive hardrock, nowadays the band still utilizes the rock monster, but flings in a more melodic bone to tame that beast. Sometimes that works out great (An Evening With Satan', 'The Beast Is Back') and sometimes not ('Visions Of Violence', 'Ubercrusher'). Oh well. Two tracks were it works out perfectly are the title track 'Bulls In A Mosh' and 'Tonight We Will Ride', which are classics-to-be in the underground scene.

Okay, all in all the gents are not earth shattering original, but their music makes thirsty! So, perfect pubrock!

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