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Kreator  - At The Pulse Of Kapitulation

Kreator - At The Pulse Of Kapitulation

Label : Steamhammer/SPV | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: DVD/Video/Blu-ray

Tormentor Erich : "Again a Kreator DVD?” asked my lovely wife while I was waving happily with my Lords Of Metal package. "Yes honey.” I replied. "Hmm, do they need some more Money then?” asked my lady. "Well, it depends on how you look at it” I said and then I started to explain:

On the fourth of March in 1990 Kreator, Sabbat, Tankard and Coroner all played in East Berlin. It was the first time that West European thrash bands played there and it all was a combination of the falling from The Wall and the organisation talent of record label Noise. Noise made sure that these bands could do this gig and later on this evening was released via diverse videos, vinyl albums and CDs. For Kreator the output of the 'Live In East Berlin' video was their first official video release and the fans were happy to see the band finally at home on the telly, although it had to be via a VHS tape. So to cut a long story short: according to the band the demand for this video was increasing lately and now that they seem to have some spare time they started to remix and upgrade this concert recording so that it is finally ready as DVD release. The absolute advantage of this is that you can see the band performing in the Mille/Ventor/Rob/Blackfire line up. Also almost forgotten songs like 'Under The Guillotine', 'Behind The Mirror' and 'Awakening Of the Gods' are on the set list and it is worth to mention what drummer Ventor did in those days: he started with a drum solo, followed up immediately by 'Terrible Certainty' and that songs is being followed by 'Riot Of Violence' which means that the good guy also has to sing! The handicap of this concert registration is the fast camera work. They change to fast from one band member to another; I cannot sit back and enjoy it for one hundred percent because of this. I also get sometimes the idea that somebody used the scissors a bit too much because every now and then the screen seems to be jumping around a bit. And well, the drums could have used a more powerful sound also.

As a bonus Kreator added a documentary to this DVD. The documentary shows us people who have visited the concert back then, and they show the same people in their current life. This docu shows really well that not only Eastern Germany has changed a lot, also metal is not the same anymore. When I watched this it made me realize that thrash metal back then was not only about the music, it was also a way of saying 'fuck you, I am different' to everybody. Things that are very common nowadays where not so normal back then. It was more underground and 'not done'.

A year after the release of the live video the Kreator album 'Coma Of Souls' saw daylight. This album was accompanied by a new VHS video titled 'Hallucinative Comas'. This was some kind of concept video where the band showed the story of the album translated via parts of a horror movie, combined with a couple of clips. For this DVD they used some deleted scenes and bonus material and the concept still works. 'Hallucinative Comas' is still a very atmospheric piece of work that perhaps can not live up to the standards of modern movie making, but its artistic point of view stays up very strong, even in 2008.

And last but not least: another present added to this DVD is the live CD. Mille and Co. put the whole 'East Berlin' concert on CD as well, so you don't have to sit on your lazy ass all day to enjoy this!

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