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Narjahanam - Undama Tath’hur Al Shams Mn Al Gharb

Narjahanam - Undama Tath’hur Al Shams Mn Al Gharb

Label : Haarbn | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel F. : Extreme metal from the Middle East is and will probably always be an unusual phenomenon, but once in a while some of it makes its way across time and space towards our part of the world, this time in the form of Narjahanam ('Hell Fire'), a two-man band from Bahrain.

The record, which is called 'Undama Tath'hur Al Shams Mn Al Gharb,' sports some rather good death metal that once in a while incorporates some black metal elements, and is supported by keysboards. It actually sounds more like a death metal variant of doom metal, with predominantly slow structures. Of course, and this is something that could not have been absent, there is the overtly Arabic atmosphere thanks to the proper leads, the Arabic percussion (darbouka's?) and other traditional instruments and the aforementioned keyboards. If anything, there is a lot of atmosphere to be found here. One complaint, nonetheless, is the lack of real tension and that there is no real blow-me-away-factor; the songs just move on and sound more like long chants. A matter of personal taste, this one.

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