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Noneuclid - The Crawling Chaos

Noneuclid - The Crawling Chaos

Label : Merciless Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jasper : To be honest, at first listening to this record I really had to get used to Noneuclid. The band is so incredibly… metal. And it has been a while since I was confronted with such a truckload of skin crawling screams, rattling bassdrums, and spiralling soli. Wow, this nerdy shoe-gazing, poser-core listening weirdo has just been shook wide awake by this German bunch; metal is alive! I'm not even joking.

There's no messing with Noneuclid. Band mastermind Morean presents an incredibly bombastic Devin Townsend-like übermetal atmosphere with a vocalist who sounds like the product of a night of tossing back way too much Whiskey with Tom Araya and Rob Halford. How metal do you want things to get? Noneuclid has it all; the stoic machine gun drummer, the ridiculously talented guitarists (featuring V Santura, Dark Fortress axeman and the Celtic Frost live member), and of course a furious singer who gets himself all worked up about things we'll probably never understand (because we're not true). I'm not even getting started about the obligatory dose of thrash riffs. Because they are allowed again these days people! I have to be honest again; most of all this usually does not do much or anything for me, but Noneuclid possesses the holy fire ladies and gentlemen. And therefore I can wholeheartedly recommend his band to the true metalhead. For those who are about to get neck-cramps banging over this one: I salute you.

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