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Stefan Elmgren's Full Strike - Stefan Elmgren’s Full Strike

Stefan Elmgren's Full Strike - Stefan Elmgren’s Full Strike

Label : Spitfire Records | Archive under

Release type: Full-length CD

Ferdi : I never thought that I would find a missing link between Hammerfall and Lost horizon. Most of you will know Stefan Elmgren as the bald guitarist of Hammerfall. Before that he used to play in a band called Highlander (now Lost Horizon), where he made music with singer Niclas Johnsson, who in turn was the replacement for a certain Joacim Cans. With this vocalist Stefan founded Full Strike.

And with Full Strike he carries on where Hammerfall stopped: making good Swedish Heavy Metal with a liking for catchy tunes. What Stefan does may not be earth-shattering or mind-blowing, but the reason it is so special is; this CD excels in every aspect one should judge a metal-CD by. All the eleven songs are great tunes, and that is a fact that nobody can deny. A couple of songs really stand out, songs like 'Enlighten Me', 'We Will Rise', 'Metal Mind' and 'Force Of The World'. The structures of the songs are fairly predictable (intro - verse- bridge - pre-chorus - chorus - verse - chorus - outtro) but the songs are so strong and the production is so full that you hardly even notice it.

Stefan's musical capabilities do not need to be discussed. He is undeniably the driving force behind Hammerfall, but stands in the shadow of Oscar and Joacim where composing is concerned. On this CD he gets all freedom he wants, which results in a CD that is less focussed on pounding guitars and vocal structures but more on strong melodies and good solos. The songs on 'We Will Rise' might not excel where originality is concerned, but melodic Power Metal rarely is composed and performed as good as this.

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